Ferdinand Farm was started in 1967 with seedstock from Beckton Stock Farms in Sheridan, Wyoming. Although, in the past, we have occasionally used other lines, we have had the best luck overall with the Beckton bloodlines.

From the very beginning, our emphasis has been on performance testing. Having written the computer performance program specification for the RAA under the guidance of Dr. Richard Wilham in the 1970s, I learned early to always select our replacements based on a combination of gain, conformation and maternal traits.

We have gain-tested bulls at various facilities including B.I.A.S. in Wyoming and the Virginia BCIA facilities at Red House and Culpeper in addition to our on-farm test. In addition, we have always gain-tested our heifers on a low ration at home.

The herd remains out year-round, including when calving as we due not have much dystocia. We do not creep feed although the cows do get range cubes after calving in February-March.

We maintain a comprehensive vaccination program and routinely palpate all cows to check for problems. Cows open twice are culled.

We semen test all bulls offered for sale and pregnancy test females if bred at least 90 days previously.

Please do not hesitate to call for more information about our program.

Thank you for your interest in Ferdinand Farm Red Angus.

Peter Goltra , Owner